about pheuron

Our music has it's origin from a variety of sounds emitted by functional or non functional machines, or even from sounds not supposed to be used as sounds.. this world is truly full of them.

Most of our music consists of several rhythms embedded in ambience of driving synthetic or synthesized atmospheres. We create our tracks by performing and modulating on sequences pre-recorded by ourselves. Some examples of many influences we have had, can be found on our links page.
pheuron are:
  kc alien mc
  kc alien mc
other projects we are involved in
MC: CERVANTES formerly named Peiler, this is a MC solo project. The prominent styles are instrumental wave ambient electro, accoustic landscape images and experiments in timeflow.
MC: DA CROSSA This is a duo consisting of MC and Slickadoo, including a synthetic part combined with guitar, bass and vocals. There is no stylistic drawer they want to be put in, in order not to limit themselves.
mp3 samples: Oscillacion    Sentinel    Hilfe
KC Alien: KLANGRAUM (not to be mixed up and not related with those guys making TV music; you can distinguish this Klangraum by the reverse 'N' it will have in every graphical logo) mostly instrumental electro terror ambient, tracked machinery. specialized in abusing samples
KC Alien: NUL even more abuse of samples and outboard gear with even wider limits. This one doesn't like narrow drawers either.