pheuron music - r-vac

pheuron r-vac
This is our first longplayer, released on 20.11.01.

The tracks can be listened to from the tracklist below.
All tracks were recorded during sessions in 2000 and 2001 at pheulab, darmstadt.

If you like to get a copy of r-vac, we can send it to you for a price that has yet to be announced. Please contact us for further details.
pheuron r-vac cover

1 ratölp intro - 1:48  
2 tern mp3 9:20
3 sonar mp3 12:48
4 0 v2 mp3 7:53
5 rao xobev mp3 8:24
6 tbrid mp3 9:46
7 sil mp3 9:14