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KLANGRAUM was founded in 1993, consisting of two individuals named DS and KC Alien. The first tracks were made with composer669, a tracker providing 8 mono sample tracks with an amazing output frequency range up to 5 kHz. Enough to handle for the 386/25 PC chosen to do it.

The music consists of kind of melodic techno blended with ambient components and 'machine gun' beats. Later on, KC's and DS's paths and musical directions diverged. So, Klangraum currently is a KC solo project. The equipment evolved: there were several Versions of Scream Tracker and currently Impulse Tracker, accompanied by some non-PC Hardware.
All music files on this page are excerpts from the songs with a duration of approximately 2 minutes. MP3's are encoded in 96kbit/sec stereo while the RealAudio files (if still available) are 32kbit/sec mono. If you need a player, you can get it from the pheuron music page. are you looking for this klangraum?
tapes - 300% pure klangraum
300% pure Klangraum (1996). This one covered the era from 1993 to 1995, bringing together DS's and KC's solo works with tracks composed from both together. It nearly filled 90 minutes of tape with 22 tracks. 300% pure klangraum cover
tapes - lifeforms
Lifeforms (1997). On a 60 minutes tape, 11 KC scream tracker solo tracks were found, featuring a self portrait =). Lifeforms was also released as digipak, two 3,5" hd floppy disks stuffed with raw tracker data. lifeforms cover
06 hypnotic reprise mp3 (1,5mb) 
cd's - sunrise for mausepiep
Sunrise (for Mausepiep) (1998) is a single-track-CD. sunrise for mausepiep cover
01 sunrise mp3 (1,5mb) 
cd's - aut orf oder
Aut orf oder assembles mostly previously unreleased works from 1998 to 2006. Some of it was rerecorded especially for this album. sunrise for mausepiep cover
skydive (1999) mp3 (1,5mb) 
capsule (2000) mp3 (1,4mb) 
deathstar (platters of terror) (2002) mp3 (1,4mb)history of this song
internal (2002) mp3 (2mb)made with audio of a notebook that does stuff like this..
metahl (2002) mp3 (1,5mb) 
something (2003) mp3 (1,5mb) 
unreleased yet
dawn (2007) mp3 (2mb)