nul subsection

Nul is a kc alien solo project, started in 2008 because of musical deviations leading too far from the landmarks klangraum stands for.
nul - aad1 / music for lawnmowers
This is the first regular nul album, released on 08.09.2015. You can find all tracks separate or in a zip file for convenience in the section below.

It is the outcome of a first attempt at the album a day project and has been created in a timespan of 23 hours. Because of this, it has some rather rough edges, which we'd like to apologize for. We hope you like it nevertheless. =)

nul aad1 music for lawnmowers cover
schaliert mp3 (9,5mb) 
ladium mp3 (8,7mb) 
catella mp3 (10,2mb) 
100 percent ed mp3 (3,8mb) 
archive including all tracks and winamp playlist zip (29,8mb)